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Update - When our new site is live in August you will see two new charities added to our list.  We are now, as of July 2017, donating monthly to Operation Underground Railroad and Wholesome Wave.  You can check them out at the links below.  -

I have been a volunteer with the Guardian Ad Litem for almost a decade.  We provide the voice for children in the courts while they are in foster care as they go through a period of time where there are difficulties within their family.  I have donated uniforms, sports equipment, clothing, Christmas and birthday presents, food, among other items to the children in the cases I am involved with.

Going forward we are looking to partner with organizations that provide these items as well as many other services.  A portion of LWN's profits will be donated to one or two of them.  Once we have determined who we are going to partner with I will post that here.

If you happen to be looking for a volunteering opportunity please check out your local Guardian Ad Litem office to see if it might be something you are interested in doing.  The GAL's need all the help they can get.  Volunteers are always appreciated and needed.

If you would like to see what CASA/GAL is all about check out the links below.




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