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About Us

At Live Wise Naturals we want everyone to have the best quality of life possible. There are so many choices out there claiming to be able to fill your health and beauty needs. Cutting through all the hype and choosing the right products can be a difficult process. We want to make that choice easy for you.

We combine only the best ingredients at the proper dose. We will never cut corners on our ingredients. Your body will always know what to do with our ingredients. We won’t add anything extra; no fillers, binders, flow agents, added sugars, artificial flavorings, dyes or preservatives. There are so many potentially harmful unnecessary ingredients added to products today that allow them to stay on the shelf for years. Those ingredients have no benefit for your body.

When designing our new products, we look toward the latest science and clinical studies to perfect the blend of ingredients in each new product. The latest fad is not what we are interested in. Only tried and true ingredients that have passed the clinical trials make it into our products.

We also look for founders and creators of products and brands that share in our passion for pure, healthy and effective ingredients.  Everything that has the Live Wise Naturals label or is carried on our online store has been first tested by us and our trusted circle of health experts, fitness enthusiasts, friends, and family. Once their feedback and results are gathered only then are products offered to the general public.

Every one of our products is made in the USA and carries an unconditional 365 day 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with your results, simply call us at 1-866-866-0075 or email us at and we will make arrangements for you to receive a 100% refund.  We are available to answer any questions you have. Please email, call,  or contact us through Facebook at or on Instagram @livewisenaturals

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and have a look around.

Live Wise and Have Fun,

Greg Bulgarelli, Founder 
Live Wise Naturals

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