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VITAMIN D3+K2 - Lanolin and Soy Free - Vegan Friendly (1,000IU-10,000IU)


Live Wise Naturals D3+K2 liquid provides the perfect combination of D3 and K2 for maintaining immune function, bone and cardiovascular health as well as neurological function.

Our Live Wise Naturals Vegan Friendly D3 + K2 provides: 1,000IU to 10,000IU) of Vitamin D3  (as vegan cholecalciferol sourced from algae) per serving

Our formula also:

Comes in liquid form, making it easy to adjust serving size.

Supports a strong immune system

Supports strong and healthy bones and teeth

Discourages calcium buildup in arteries, joints, and tissues


Vitamin D is Crucial for Optimal Immune Function

Vitamin D works in conjunction with our body to modulate immune activity.  Most immune cells have receptors for Vitamin D.  That means Vitamin D’s role in modulating immune response is huge, regulating how we react to pathogens and antigens, even chronic disease and autoimmunity.


Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D is needed throughout our body.  Every single type of tissue in our body has receptors for Vitamin D.  Our immune system, bones, heart, muscles, brain, all require optimal levels of Vitamin D to function properly and optimally.  Vitamin D also functions as a hormone.  It is the only vitamin that does.  This makes it even more important to make sure we are not only not deficient but also not insufficient.  Even insufficient levels can be detrimental to how our bodies function.

Our D3 Is Sourced From Algae, not Lichen

Why you ask?  Our testing shows algae based D3 to be better absorbed in our bodies than lichen.  We need 1.3 - 1.5 times more lichen based D3 to bring up and maintain our levels of D3 in our bodies as we do when we use the algae based source of D3.  And just as important, the algae source is truly sustainable and grown in a controlled environment.

Vitamin D Deficiency Is More Common Than Everyone Thinks.

Study after study shows over 40% of the population being deficient while over 60% have insufficient levels.  Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in most countries.  And if you have a darker complexion, the percentages of the population that are deficient increase to 69% for Hispanics and over 80% for Black Americans.  Those with darker skin absorb less UV light from the sun.  This makes it more difficult for our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D.  Supplementation is even more important for those with darker skin.


The Importance of Including Vitamin K with Vitamin D 

Without K2 calcium may be absorbed where areas of our body where we don't need it like our joints, arteries, and organs.  K2 helps direct calcium to our bones and teeth where it is needed.  K2 is essential for calcium absorption.

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    Excellent product

    After reacting negatively to other Vitamin D supplements, I switched to LiveWise vegan d3 + k2. Within 4 months of use, my vitamin d levels have gone from super low to 61ng/ml! I can’t recommend this product enough!

    United States United States

    D3 + K2

    I suggest having the 1ml line blackened for easier detection. I am not sure what is the required daily dosage. I took 2ml daily to a point of nearing empty, then I began 1ml dosage.

    Thomas C.
    United States United States

    Vegan D3 + K2

    This algae based, vegan D3+K2 supplement is the best supplement on the market today. Thank you, Love Wise.

    Marilyn M.
    United States United States

    Love this product!

    Easy to use and worth every penny.

    A Live Wise Naturals Customer
    Jason G.
    United States United States

    Vegan D3 + K2

    Excellent quality and great tasting!

    Marilyn M.
    United States United States

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